Implementation and presentation of local projects – The project from Remetea : Life in the Ethnographic house

In the framework of the Gracing - Erasmus+ project, entitled Green skills, gamification and cross-cultural communication for improved heritage projects, in 22-26 April 2024 were presented, implemented the pilot project from Remetea.

The team from Remetea set out to bring the country house to life, to reach this goal they involved the local primary school. They have been organised a short film-making competition on the theme of "Parents' and grandparents' stories from the past". 

Between 22-26 April, during Schooling differently week, the local primary school pupils were visited the country house, the short films were awarded.

For the Gracing team the pilot project were presented on 26th April. The project combines the creativity and different gamification elements, the ways of playful learning about the country house and Remetea’s history, with the help of following tools:

·        Quiz: historian József Nagy guided us through the history of the village, and we solve the quiz about the village

·        Puzzle (the photos were taken in ethnographic house)

·        Assembling different items: hay cart, different tools for pulling carts by cows, and spinning wheels (according to the children's feedback, this is Lego in a different way).

·        Short films: made by local pupils introduce us in the life of elderly people, form mid-1900s to the present day (possibility to acquire knowledge about: feather dowry, proposal, wedding and its preparations in that time, how the young people of the time were affected by the II. World War, and how they had fun).

·        Photo portrait frames in the courtyard (a kind of possibility to dress in the costumes of old times).

In the end of this journey, the Gracing team gives feedback about their experiences.

We are waiting for to the presentations of the teams from Lunca de Jos and Frumoasa, which will be held in June 2024.

Photos: Incze László
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